New BROWZ Membership Benefit: Discounted Rates on Avis and Budget Vehicle Rentals

Nov 19, 2018

BROWZ seeks to continually provide new and expanding benefits to its members.  Earlier this month BROWZ announced a new benefit focused on making transportation and logistics simpler. Transportation is often a key part of ensuring that business runs smoothly and having a car rental and services company you can trust gives you more time to focus on other key areas.

BROWZ is now partnering with Avis Budget Group to provide preferred rates and promotions on Avis and Budget vehicle rentals, intended to assist BROWZ Network Members in the operation of their businesses.

“BROWZ is proud to further expand the benefits our members receive, in addition to best in class supply chain qualification. These discounted and preferred rates offered by Avis and Budget are intended to help our members operate their business more effectively,” says Elaine Beitler, BROWZ CEO. “We develop relationships with premier organizations and provide extended benefits as a way to thank the incredible members of our network.”

Becoming a member of BROWZ offers numerous benefits and preferred discounts on everything from phone service to vehicle rental to college tuition. Contact your BROWZ representative to learn more. What are some other ways BROWZ can help your business success?

8 More Ways BROWZ Helps You Succeed

Streamlined Compliance

BROWZ provides the fastest path to compliance with your client’s standards.

Leveling the Playing Field

Have you been underbid by competition that doesn’t invest in safety and performance? Registration with BROWZ will level the playing field and clearly differentiate you from competitors.

Personalized Support

We understand prequalification and compliance audits can be frustrating. That’s why BROWZ assigns a single point-of-contact to you to help every step of the way.

Compliance Understanding

BROWZ will help you understand your client’s requirements and submit the necessary information. By understanding your client’s requirements, you are prepared to remain compliant.

Proactive Communication

BROWZ will keep you informed of any expiring data or changing requirements through email notifications and personal phone calls.

Simple Data Management

Once you complete a client’s requirements, you’ll only be asked to resubmit data if something is incomplete or when data expires.

24x7 Data Access

With BROWZ, you can access a central, web-based database of all your compliance documents and data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easy Access Mobile Apps

The BROWZ for Suppliers app allows you to view compliance rates across your network and is available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

BROWZ simplifies the exchange of prequalification and compliance data between contractors and their clients. To learn more about becoming a BROWZ member and the various benefits included, click here or contact BROWZ.