7 Reasons You Should Use BROWZ Performance Evaluations

Oct 08, 2018

According to the Campbell Institute report, Best Practices in Contractor Management, post-job evaluations are the fifth step in the contractor life cycle. In this report, participants reported a lack of sophistication in this area and a desire to incorporate more post-work evaluative methods into contractor guidelines.

How are you evaluating the performance of your contractors? If you do perform contractor evaluations, how are these results visible to the entire organization? Compliance isn’t the only factor when evaluating contractors.

How are the contractors performing when they work for you on your site? A supplier may meet your requirements, but performance may vary when they complete projects for you.

With BROWZ, you can perform evaluations of your contractors during or upon conclusion of a project or contract.

These evaluations can be used on a project-by-project or site-by-site basis. The average performance rating is visible for the supplier in BROWZ OneView independent from the supplier’s compliance status.

This provides the ability for you to see the contractor’s ability to comply with your requirements and their level of performance across your organization in a single view. This allows you to consistently hire the best suppliers for any given job.

Why should you use this new feature?

1. Contractor performance ratings are easily viewable with the ability to view the details of individual evaluations.

2. Evaluation questions can be configured based on the needs of your organization.

3. A multi-discipline evaluation may include criteria in areas such as EH&S, Quality, Pricing, Schedule, Delivery, etc.

4. The scoring is configured to meet your corporate standards. You determine how the overall scoring maps to a 1-5 star rating and description.

5. The performance rating and evaluation details can only be viewed by your organization. The contractor does not have visibility to the rating or evaluations.

6. Evaluations are controlled by user privileges. You select which users to give the appropriate permissions to view and add evaluations.

7. A supplier can have unlimited evaluations based upon projects, frequencies, contracts, etc. There is no limitation to the number of evaluations a contractor may receive.

To learn more about BROWZ Performance Evaluations, contact your BROWZ representative* or request a demo.

*Performance Evaluations are a feature of BROWZ OneView.